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Botanical Extraction Centrifuge Machine


Botanical extraction using ethanol (EtOH) as solvent, has proven to be safer, faster and cheaper. Closed-loop centrifugal extractors are the first component of full EtOH extraction labs.

As the number of solution-tailored, compliant and affordable machines are limited in the current burgeoning extraction market, we designed and built the Canon extraction machine based on optimum scientific solutions and technical nuances collected from end-operators and lab owners. VCENNA actively welcomes technical and operational inputs to improve and disrupt in-house methodologies for better designs and more advanced technologies.


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Technical Specs.


The Canon, a new ethanol extraction centrifuge system with high throughput processing capacity, is designed and manufactured by VCENNA Technology & Labs to deliver an optimal extraction solution driven by technical feedback and suggestions from end operators and lab owners, while being tuned to market needs. Within two months after the Canon was released for an early adopters’ launch last September, two 60 lbs/run extraction systems were installed in Canada and the US. They are now being used daily on a full-load basis, have generated higher revenues and already returned their investment capital!
The Canon’s design grew out of rigorous market analysis to determine the parameters most critical for success in an ethanol extraction system. These were

1. Compliance (Safety and Health)
2. Technology and Methodology
3. Quality and Design
4. Throughput Processing Capacity
5. Price
6. Delivery Time
7. Customer Support

The innovative Canon shines in all seven parameters and leads in two — namely, high biomass throughput processing capacity at a lower price. Read on to understand why you couldn’t make a better choice than the Canon Ethanol Extraction Centrifuge System.

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